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About Real Techniques by Sam and Nic

This award winning company was established as an outlet for creative minds of two amazing make-up artists who wanted to change the way the industry perceives the whole process of creating an excellent make-up. By utilizing mostly high quality natural raw materials and processing them with the latest technologically advanced methods.

The company produces some of the finest applicators and brushes alongside other accessories that are useful for body care. There are different ways to make yourself look better but without proper tools achieving the look of your dreams is barely possible. If you want to be gorgeous all the time and need specialized instruments to do so, Sam and Nic will have something to attract your attention.

Real Techniques Products

There are several key areas where this brand excels. With only a handful of headlining products, the brand has a focused production line that delivers only supreme quality tools and instruments for makeup. There are several product categories heavily emphasized by Real Techniques:

  1. Accessories and neat little things to make your make-up sessions fun.
  2. Brushes for working with base, eyes, and eye lashes.
  3. Special brushes for finalizing the look.
  4. Sponges and erasers as well as tools for contouring.

What Real Techniques Products Can You Buy?

All expert tools and instruments from RT are available for purchasing on our website. Sam and Nic are both professionals with a lot of experience in professional make-up. Both of them know what another pro could use. If you are searching for outstanding products from this brand, please take a look at a couple of high value products:

  • STIPPLING BRUSH is designed to create a vivid airbrushing effect and allow you to be truly creative when working with tones and create bases. One of the best tools in the industry without a doubt.
  • 6 MIRACLE SPONGES will make your life easier when it comes to contouring and creating defined images. There is nothing more important for a makeup artist rather than a set of tools that make every stroke precise and interesting.
  • CORE COLLECTION is an award winning set of instruments for makeup featuring several really good materials: high grade fibers and outstandingly ergonomic polymers and metals. There is nothing better for a professional.

Testimonials from Users of Real Techniques

I have my own beauty shops in a relatively small town where I work with locals mostly, but I do visit various conferences here and there. One of the most important parts of the job is to have instruments that make working easier. This allows me to focus on what I want to make instead of what I need to do in order to achieve great results.

Femma, 33

Paying for make-up that will not satisfy my requirements is not my style. I know how I want to look and how to make myself look the way I think fits me best. When I came across the core collection set I was amazed by the quality of applicators. Sitting in front of the mirror and trying to put some make-up is always a huge headache if you don’t have good brushes and sponges. Luckily, this company produces some really fine tools.

Susan, 26

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